Bitcoin Price Will Crash, Says Quantum Hedge Fund Analysts ...

Bitcoin price action shows hedgies may be jumping in

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Bitcoin price action shows hedgies may be jumping in

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Cryptocurrencies plunge for the week with Bitcoin still below USD$6,550, forecasters project 54% per annum growth in the Cryptocurrency ATM industry over 5 years and Coinbase explores launching a Bitcoin ETF with BlackRock

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Start the New Year off with some Free Bitcoin! Just one week left to enter Hedgy's Trading Challenge.

If you aren't familiar with Hedgy, we are building a platform for smart contracts in the financial sector. Our first offering is a vanilla Bitcoin Forward that uses 2/3 multi-sig for posting collateral. Our goal is to help marketplace participants address price volatility and exchange/counter-party risk.
In anticipation of our live product launch, we are hosting a Trading Challenge to gather feedback, grow our userbase, and familiarize the community with our offering. All contracts created for this purpose use a demo coin (BCY) which has no real value.


Prizes of $600, $400, and $200 will be awarded to the top 3 contracts on both the buy-side and sell-side. Six prizes in all for a total of $2400. Prizes will be awarded in BTC, with the conversion computed using Tradeblock's 2-hour TWAP the moment the challenge ends.

Entries and Scoring

For each entry, you only need to choose a direction (long/short), and a contract duration. The forward price is always set to the current XBX spot upon creation.
Each entry's score is computed using the ratio [Forward Price / Settlement Price]. For settlement price, we use the 2-hour TWAP at maturity.
Get Started!

Additional Entries

Each user is given only one entry by default, but you may earn up to three additional entries by completing any of the following tasks (+1 entry per task):
Note: The P/L of your entries is not cumulative -- they are each given an independent rank on the leaderboard.


The only information you need to provide to enter is a valid email and working phone number. But you must fully verify before accepting any prize. You can wait to complete verification until the contest is over, as long as you are confident you will pass KYC checks.
Any attempts to circumvent the rules may result in a disqualification at the sole discretion of Hedgy. This includes, but is not limited to, creating more than one account, attempting to exploit our system, and any other malicious actions.


This post is a summary of the Full Rules provided for convenience only, and holds no enforcement power in the Trading Challenge.

Get Started!

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BREAKING: $1.3 TRILLION HEDGE FUND BUYS BITCOIN? BTC ... What are the best ways to hedge bitcoin? Bitcoin HEDGE REVEALED! March 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis Hedging Bitcoin with Futures - How to Protect Your Long Term Crypto Investments During a Downturn Bitcoin REAL Financial Crisis Hedge REVEALED! March 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

Hedgy’s offering caters more towards bitcoin miners, who make capital investment in hardware and incur continuous operating costs. For them, bitcoin price uncertainty is a significant concern; unanticipated drops can easily render operations unprofitable. Hedgy aims to solve the problem of Bitcoin’s volatility by using what they term as “smart contracts”, by combining the principles of derivatives and block chain technology. The platform also eliminates counterparty risk by "requiring margin deposits in bitcoin via non-custodial escrow." The 21 million Bitcoin limit means that at a certain point, there should be less Bitcoins versus the demand for them, meaning that in terms of value, the price per unit should increase as the ... Bitcoin's mining-reward halving in May 2020 could leave prices for the cryptocurrency in a range between $20,000 and $50,000, according to a new estimate. Bitcoin has a likelihood of crashing towards $6,000 in the coming months, according to the Quantum Hedge Fund. The firm pointed to a fractal that sees the cryptocurrency breaking lower after entering the $12,500-$17,000 range.

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