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How can somebody exchange Bitcoin for USD if they're under 18?

Title says it really. I'd like to know if there's a way to exchange Bitcoin (or any currency really) for USD if I'm under 18. I tried using Coinbase but you've got to enter a social security number for that, and I really don't want to do that.
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How can somebody exchange Bitcoin for USD if they're under 18? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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How can I exchange Bitcoin for Monero?

I have an exodus wallet but I cannot do the exchange within the wallet. I tried using ShapeShift but that did not work. Moreover, ShapeShift follows KYC laws so my Monero is not private.
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"So you willingly gave the exchange Bitcoin for others to use in margin trading?"

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How to exchange Bitcoin For Cash – Sell bitcoin for cash

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Advice on how to legally exchange Bitcoins for Euros

Hello, I am from South America and will be moving to France. The taxes to exchange my money for Euros are too high and I'm wondering if I purchase BTCs and exchange them for Euros would get me a better price. I need help:
Thanks in advance for any help, regards.
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sounds like someone is exchanging bitcoins for cash in order to turn darkmoney into campaign funding. an incumbent Biden or Trump social media campaign coming? oil corporations preparing to pay for propaganda against climate change?

sounds like someone is exchanging bitcoins for cash in order to turn darkmoney into campaign funding. an incumbent Biden or Trump social media campaign coming? oil corporations preparing to pay for propaganda against climate change? submitted by prallundfeucht to LateStageCapitalism [link] [comments]

How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) in 2020: Exchange Bitcoin for Cryptocurrencies

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How easy or difficult is it to exchange bitcoins for cash when you're traveling to other countries?

You rarely need cash in the states, but this isn't the case in a lot of other countries. I've never used a P2P exchange, but that seems like too much of a hassle when you need cash ASAP, probably don't have cell phone service/wifi, and might not speak the language. Bitcoin ATM's seem like the easiest and most logical option. Since the US government is cracking down on crypto regulations, most Bitcoin ATM's require a phone number or ID for verification, but if you're visiting, you won't have have a legit phone number. Will passports be sufficient for ID? Do Bitcoin ATMs in other countries require verification? If you have used your bitcoin for travels, I'd love to hear about your experience :)
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Can I exchange bitcoin for cash if I send my bitcoins to PayPal in Canada??

I'm trying to turn my bitcoin into cash, can I just use PayPal and then withdraw it to my bank account?
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Currently in Berlin travelling and lost my wallet. I'm trying to exchange bitcoins for euro but local bitcoins isn't available here and the nearest Bitcoin atm is over 2 hours away. Can anyone in Berlin trade euros for Bitcoin?

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Exchanging Bitcoin for foreign currency?

For some reason I can't find anything on this with a search engine. I'm thinking of living in a foreign country while living off Bitcoin-trading profits. Would it be possible to directly exchange Bitcoin for a non-USD currency, even though I paid for it with USD? Could I technically avoid being taxed by doing this? Sorry if it's a dumb question; I don't know much about how Bitcoin works, but I've been pouring money into it this year.
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How easy is it to exchange Bitcoin for conventual currencies? Best places to spend Bitcoin online?

Hi I am completely new to bitcoin and have zero experience, however I have the option to be payed in Bitcoin. How easy is it to sell/convert the Bitcoin into £. And how long does the process take?
Alternatively I'd like to spend the Bitcoin online, does any one have any recommendations on sites that allow you to pay in bitcoin? What do you buy with your Bitcoin? Thanks.
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Man brutally killed had recently exchanged bitcoin for a "substantial amount" and kept it in cash at home. (Norwegian article)

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A subreddit for exchanging BitCoin for PayPal

Anyone know of a subreddit that supports this?
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Exchange bitcoin for bitcoin cash?

Does anyone know where or how i can exchange bitcoin for bitcoin cash?
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South Korean exchange bitcoins for €2 million in fake notes!

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I exchanged bitcoins for dogecoin about an hour ago, and withdrew my coins in my new wallet, generated straight from the dogecoin official website. It’s been quite some time now, I can’t see my money in my wallet. In the transaction is listed as complete, with nothing pending. Please HELP

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Where to exchange bitcoin for monero? Shapeshift won't let me right now.

I have been using Shapeshift to convert bitcoin to monero. I tried to use it today but it said the max bitcoin deposit to get monero is 0.0 btc. In other words I can't change any bitcoin into monero. Where else can I do this? Need an anonymous option...don't want to provide personal info.
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How would I go about exchanging Bitcoin for £?

I've been in the game for years, and now I think I'd feel better to have my cash in my hand. How would I go about this?
Coinbase? ATM's?
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How to exchange bitcoin for BCN(responses appreciated)

Cutting the story short:
Im from the UK and im looking to buy a fraction of a bitcoin and then exchaning it for byte coin.
Any ideas on how to exchange bitcoin for bytecoin(im going to use coinbase to buy the bitcoin directly)
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